Classic Style Is Always In Fashion

Silicone grip breeches might be one of the biggest game changers for riding apparel, right next to the invention of sock bottoms and technical fabric show coats. I might be a little biased here, as someone who recently took on a new discipline (dressage) AND started a spicy young horse all at the same time, any extra help feeling secure in the saddle has become my new best friend.

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Is There Anything Better Than Good Leather?

Okay, let’s be real here: there are very few things in life quite as satisfying as good leather. The look, the smell, the feel, even the sound are just so soothing. It oozes quality, and will last a lifetime with just a little bit of TLC. Leather halters are the first item that I purchase for every new horse in the herd (even the mini has one!) My personal go-to favorites are Perri’s Leather Halters with colorful padding, since we all know I am a matchy-matchy freak and LOVE everything to be color coordinated by horse. Suffice to say; when I found out that I could get MATCHING COLLARS AND LEASHES FOR THE DOGS, I lost my mind.

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Sterling Essentials: Love Your Tack

I’m an obsessive tack cleaner. Maybe it has to do with working as a show groom in my formative years, maybe it’s just the pride that comes along with working hard for every piece that you own, but I love a nice clean, conditioned piece of leather. Want to know what I don’t love? The lingering smell of saddle soap and neatsfoot oil under my nails. When I first started hearing about Sterling Essentials, I was drawn to the reviews all commending the fabulous scents and natural products. Continue reading “Sterling Essentials: Love Your Tack”