Sterling Essentials: Love Your Tack

I’m an obsessive tack cleaner. Maybe it has to do with working as a show groom in my formative years, maybe it’s just the pride that comes along with working hard for every piece that you own, but I love a nice clean, conditioned piece of leather. Want to know what I don’t love? The lingering smell of saddle soap and neatsfoot oil under my nails. When I first started hearing about Sterling Essentials, I was drawn to the reviews all commending the fabulous scents and natural products.

Sterling Essentials is made for horse people, by horse people. The creator is an avid rider who is active on the Hunter/Jumper circuit, and understands the importance of supporting the local Equestrian Community. These are the companies that Equestrians dream of, who not only support the shows, they are fully engulfed in the industry, and know the needs of their target market.

With their all-natural ingredients and delightful scents, these are the only leather care products that you will WANT to rub in to your hands when you are done cleaning your tack. A little part of me feels like the lingering scents of Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Citrus are probably improving my rides (and mood!) because who doesn’t wish their arena was filled with the light scent of essential oils at all times?

Okay, so enough babbling about how good it smells, you’re not shopping for perfume, the important part about Sterling Essentials is that it works. Not only will your tack smell amazing, it will be polished, conditioned, and ready to last a lifetime. Time to queue up a Netflix series to binge while you engulf yourself in amazing smells and deep clean your gear.