How to Stay Motivated for Winter Riding (or, how to not cry every day of winter)

By Guest Bay Maggie DeVerter

Some of us live in states with weather that makes it very hard to stay motivated to ride during the winter. Here in the Pacific Northwest it can rain, and then rain, and then rain some more. Occasionally it will pretend to snow and turn back to rain. It gets dark (I mean really, really dark) before 5:00 PM for several months. Our pastures become slop holes of despair, and our horses are regularly covered in muddy clay from hoof to ear. Thrush, abscesses, rain rot and other bacterial and fungal infections are a very common nuisance for many of us. Through all that, we can manage to keep ourselves motivated to ride with a little extra help.

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Is There Anything Better Than Good Leather?

Okay, let’s be real here: there are very few things in life quite as satisfying as good leather. The look, the smell, the feel, even the sound are just so soothing. It oozes quality, and will last a lifetime with just a little bit of TLC. Leather halters are the first item that I purchase for every new horse in the herd (even the mini has one!) My personal go-to favorites are Perri’s Leather Halters with colorful padding, since we all know I am a matchy-matchy freak and LOVE everything to be color coordinated by horse. Suffice to say; when I found out that I could get MATCHING COLLARS AND LEASHES FOR THE DOGS, I lost my mind.

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The Joy of Horsemanship

I’m a dedicated, hard working Adult Amateur who loves my horses, and enjoys showing a little more than my budget realistically allows. My animals come before my ambitions. This is why my 30 year old retired show horse has a forever home in my barn. I know that I will never show at the highest levels of the sport, because, even if I had the money, that’s not where my ambitions lie and that’s okay.

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Easy Valentines Gifts For Equestrians

Typical Valentines Day gifts are cute (flowers, stuffed animals, cutesy mugs, all things heart shaped) but I already have lots of cute “stuff” – and would way rather receive a functional item. I know I’m not the only Equestrian who feels this way. My husband knows this, and set a tough precedent a few years ago with the best Valentines gift ever: a hot pink Dura-Fork and matching hot pink mud boots. Flowers would have been long dead, chocolates long gone, but every morning I walk in to the barn and smile when I see that pitchfork.

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Diva Turns 30

February 4th, 1989 must have involved some kind of magic, because that’s the only explanation for how something as incredible as #divathewonderhorse could enter the world. I can’t really wrap my head around the idea that she is 30 years old today, but I am eternally grateful that I was destined to be her person. If you’re interested in a walk down memory lane, scroll down to see a few photos of her illustrious journey so far!

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