Is There Anything Better Than Good Leather?

Okay, let’s be real here: there are very few things in life quite as satisfying as good leather. The look, the smell, the feel, even the sound are just so soothing. It oozes quality, and will last a lifetime with just a little bit of TLC. Leather halters are the first item that I purchase for every new horse in the herd (even the mini has one!) My personal go-to favorites are Perri’s Leather Halters with colorful padding, since we all know I am a matchy-matchy freak and LOVE everything to be color coordinated by horse. Suffice to say; when I found out that I could get MATCHING COLLARS AND LEASHES FOR THE DOGS, I lost my mind.

I mean, come on, right? How adorable is Iggy in her custom Perri’s Canine Collection collar? (Don’t worry – there’s a matching leash!) Her Padded Collar + Leash are in Havana and Purple, so they match Teddie’s Perri’s Padded Halter, since they are the two babies in the family, so it made sense for them to twin. I can’t get over the quality of the leather, the hardware, and the craftsmanship. I am being completely serious when I say that I get compliments on my Perri’s gear every time I go out in to the world, whether it be on the puppies or the ponies.


If you love high quality leather, outstanding customer service, and next-to-none attention to detail; it’s not too late to have the Perri’s Canine or Equine Collection under the Christmas tree. (They can even add a custom nameplate for you!)