Meet The Herd

I am the lucky partner of three amazing horses; my childhood best friend and retired show horse, her mini-horse partner in crime, and a new training project who (with a little time and a lot of consistency) is on track to be my newest partner in the show ring.

Diva at 29 years old.


Diva is a 30 year old National Show Horse (Arabian x Saddlebred) mare who has been my best friend for nearly two decades. (Read more about our story in “A Partner For Life.”) She is an incredible horse who spent her life trying every discipline under the sun from Endurance Riding and Cattle Sorting to Dressage and her true love, the Hunter Ring.  She retired from her show career this past summer and is enjoying a life of leisure with her favorite partner in crime, a Miniature Horse named Jack Jack.

Austontatious, our very own Baby Shark.


The newest member of the herd is a 5 year old Purebred Arabian Gelding who is on track to be my next Sport Horse superstar. He has a bright future and a goofy personality – and also happens to be quite the looker!

Jack Jack Attack, in all his glory.


A 26 year old Silver Bay Miniature Horse known affectionately as the Tiny Terror; Jack Jack is loved by all who meet him. He is a giant personality wrapped in a tiny body, and the constant companion of his best pal, Diva.