Benefab® Therapeutic Polos: A Better Way To Wrap.

Leg Protection is a one of those topics that I could gleefully debate with people forever. Is Neoprene the devil incarnate? Does anything really offer support? How do I clean hay out of Velcro? Can any of these boots and wraps get wet? The questions can go on forever, and the answers are limitless.

I was raised on Polo Wraps, so they will tend to be my tried-and-true first love when it comes to leg protection. (As long as they’re properly wrapped; show me a badly wrapped polo and I can launch into a whole new rant for you! Luckily, getting the hang of properly wrapping a polo is pretty simple, and there are about a million YouTube videos ready to show you how.)

You may already know that I am a total fangirl for Benefab® by Sore-No-More® after seeing some outstanding results in my horses. My newest venture into their product line is the Benefab® Therapeutic Polo Wraps. Available in an attractive medium gray sure to suit all coat colors, these are a newly minted staple in my tack box.

I’ll be honest; I have tried other brands of therapeutic polos before, and was less than thrilled with them. They were double layered, trapped in heat, and wrinkled/stretched out along the edge after their first few uses. There were too many seams for my taste, and the idea of pressure points and cooking my horse’s tendons really concerned me.


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Benefab’s Therapeutic Polo Wraps solved all of these issues for me; made of their amazing therapeutic fleece, these are incredibly high-quality and have a myriad of health and wellness benefits to them. Whether you are lunging, schooling or hacking; these are a fantastic choice for any horse. The ceramic-infused fabric emits far-infrared rays keeping muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments supple and relaxed before, during, and after work.  I have been completely thrilled with the look, feel, and application of these polos. Whether you are looking for an everyday use item, or a special boost at events; look no further.

According to Benefab®, the Therapeutic Polo Wraps “help harmonize bodily functions safely and naturally stimulating recovery time, promoting blood circulation, increasing oxygen flow, and ultimately reducing pain and stiffness. Material is breathable, with wicking qualities and stretches to allow for ample mobility.”

Whether you are using your Benefab®, Therapeutic Polo Wraps for daily schooling, warming up at shows, or an occasional pick-me-up to support wellness and healing (stocking up, soreness, swelling, injury rehab, etc.) these are an outstanding investment into your horse’s health.