Diva Turns 30

February 4th, 1989 must have involved some kind of magic, because that’s the only explanation for how something as incredible as #divathewonderhorse could enter the world. I can’t really wrap my head around the idea that she is 30 years old today, but I am eternally grateful that I was destined to be her person. If you’re interested in a walk down memory lane, scroll down to see a few photos of her illustrious journey so far!

The star of the show, even then.
Sass master.

Growing up.
Just a couple of teenagers, ready to take on the world.
One of of my fondest memories – and one of the most fun shows we had together.
Super Diva, doing her favorite thing: Getting ready to show.
Shoot with Cat McKenna Photography. My first time having professional photos taken with miss Diva!
Snow day!
2017 Region V Arabian Sport Horse Championships. Proving that you’re never too old to try something new. Photo by Coral Link Photography.
Betsy and Diva Region V, Photo by Coral Link Photography.
With her winnings from the 2017 Region V Arabian Sport Horse Championships, Photo by Coral Link Photography. Champions in Intro Dressage!
Those ears, though. All the heart eyes on Cross Country.
Diva and Jack Jack – the odd couple! (Also known around here as the geriatrics ward, although they’re the spry-est pair of “old” horses anyone has ever seen.)
The Queen, enjoying her well-earned retirement.
The whole herd, our first family photo together! Summer 2018, by Coral Link Photography.