Diva Turns 30

February 4th, 1989 must have involved some kind of magic, because that’s the only explanation for how something as incredible as #divathewonderhorse could enter the world. I can’t really wrap my head around the idea that she is 30 years old today, but I am eternally grateful that I was destined to be her person. If you’re interested in a walk down memory lane, scroll down to see a few photos of her illustrious journey so far!

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Sterling Essentials: Love Your Tack

I’m an obsessive tack cleaner. Maybe it has to do with working as a show groom in my formative years, maybe it’s just the pride that comes along with working hard for every piece that you own, but I love a nice clean, conditioned piece of leather. Want to know what I don’t love? The lingering smell of saddle soap and neatsfoot oil under my nails. When I first started hearing about Sterling Essentials, I was drawn to the reviews all commending the fabulous scents and natural products. Continue reading “Sterling Essentials: Love Your Tack”